Should you allow pets in your vacation rental home?

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Dogs are no longer just pets; for most people, their dogs are important family members, and travelers wanting to bring their dogs on vacation with them are becoming increasingly popular. Unfortunately, many vacation rental properties do not allow pets, which puts those properties at a disadvantage compared to those that do.


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Why should I allow pets in my vacation rental home?

No one likes to leave their furry friends behind when they travel, and the number of potential guests searching for dog-friendly vacation rentals is only increasing. On average, vacation homes that allow pets receive 12.9% more bookings than those that don’t allow pets.

Pet Friendly Statistics
Based on Bookings in 2021

Earn more revenue:

Pet-friendly vacation rentals have a higher occupancy rate as you increase your potential customer base by allowing pets on your property. Our research found that vacation rentals that allow pets will earn 17.9% more income than those that don’t. Additionally, guests who aren’t paying for someone to care for their four-legged friend may be willing to spend more on their vacation rental.

Your home will still be in good condition:

The biggest worry owners have when deciding whether to allow their vacation home to be pet friendly is whether the condition of their home will be affected. Most of the time, if a guest wants to bring their dog on vacation, they will make sure they are well-trained or kept in a crate when they are not present. Most vacation rentals that allow pets charge a pet fee or an additional cleaning fee to cover any damages/repairs. Many pet-friendly vacation rentals use a full-service property management company like Global Vacation Rentals. Our housekeeping team is well-trained in cleaning up after pets and ensuring your home remains in top-notch condition.

High occupancy during the off-season:

Research shows that pet-friendly vacation homes have exceptionally high occupancy rates even in the slow season for travel destinations. During the off-season, many travelers book last-minute trips, making it harder for them to find a dog-sitter. However, if a vacation rental home is pet friendly and there is less competition due to the time of year, guests can book the perfect pet-friendly vacation rental.

High occupancy during the peak season:

There is such high demand for pet-friendly homes, and we have seen that the calendars for these homes book up earlier than the average vacation rental. With such high demand and so few homes available, being pet-friendly can give you a nice boost in revenue.

In conclusion, if you are not currently marketing your vacation rental home as pet friendly, you may want to. Increased bookings and revenue is an excellent benefit of being pet-friendly, and travelers will be sure to tell other guests about your home.

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